Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A List of Things I Could Have Bought With the Money I Made at the Strand Bookstore Today

-shoe (1)
-crappy Free Generic New York Subway Newspaper (13)
-rent* (*should be relocated to the "things my parents will have to spend today's money on" list)
-goldfish, live (4)
-goldfish, crackers (57)
-goldfish, mixed (12)
-Kix Cereal (9...kernels, or balls, or whatever denomination Kix comes in)
-books (Actually, reading is frowned upon at the Strand Bookstore. I've actually been threatened with termination, on more than one occasion, if I am caught reading a book. 18 miles of books, Jesus Christ-- it's the "water, water, everywhere..." business model over there. I'd hate to work at one of their brothels.)
-and believe me, they run those too.
-gin (nowhere near enough)


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