Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Kind of People Who Apply at the Strand

Below are a couple of the responses to Nancy's Craigslist ad, unedited, forwarded to me by "an interested party, completely unaffiliated with this blog."

Always wanted to be with a woman in your particular condition...Handsome
jewish gentleman...Very single, very discreet... live alone in the
Village...Health professional...Very giving... fun... interesting... well
educated... and warm...


In her "particular condition?" What, shrill, bile-spewing, and prone to feasting on the occasional fetus? Oh, that condition?

I'll spare this "gentleman" the gross indignity of posting his picture here, but suffice to say, he most certainly is not what I picture when I hear the name "G" tossed around. Next:

HI there,

we are a hot cpl in 20's (29 n 25), who would love to meet a nice lady fora
wild night of pure pleasure and exploring..

you posting drew our attention, as am sure we canhave some blasting times
together, nice bodies. discreet, clean, wild, ilove to havefun , and ......

(very beautiful woman with toned body and STRAP ON/ sexy with nice body and
thick 8' cock..She is a blonde/ he is tanned i assure you that we will
have some wonderful times

J & J

Yes, it's true. When I hear the phrase "blasting times", I immediately think "Strand Bookstore." Somebody flag these people's applications when they come in, and immediately move them to the front of the line. I think this arrangement could work out.

And let's assume that J doesn't mean his girlfriend is a beautiful woman with a thick, 8 foot cock. We'll just chalk that one up as grammatical imprecision.

However, I would advise leaving the "STRAP ON" at home most days, because when you work at the Strand, you're the only one getting fucked.


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