Thursday, December 16, 2004

I Know There's a Joke Here Somewhere. . .

Oh wait, it's on us.

From a coworker (anonymous), via email:

Tonight, the union voted on the contract hammered out over the past few months by the negotiating committee composed of Strand employees, UAW folks*, and the owners. The union voted about 36 yes to 11 no to approve the contract, willingly stepping up to the noose. This is why the Strand Sucks because the greedy, rich owners find every way imaginable to shaft its workers. The new contract keeps the already low wages at the same level, continues the same set raise level of a whopping fifty two cents a year with no regard for a little thing called inflation.

But where they really shaft us is in health coverage, the one thing that one might have been at one point considered a benefit to working at the Strand. Co-pays for doctor visits are increasing 1,250% from $2 to $25. Prescription co-pays are also increasing to an insane amount from $2 to between $10 and $25, depending on how good the painkillers are you are getting to snort. That's what, about one weeks pay there? But the best part here is, you get $5 back if you present your receipt to the owner, so that that way, management can start harassing you until you are fired because they found out you were the one milking the healthcare system and raising their premiums.

Yes, yes, labor is dead. The Basses are dancing on its grave, singing dirty, capitalist tunes, and you are the ones filling their pockets, buying their wares.

Wow, what a buzzkill. Thanks for ruining the party, bud. Christ. (By the way, how good are the painkillers you get. . . ?)**

*Strand employees are part of United Auto Workers. (Don't ask.)
**Found it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i'm on to you. are ghost?

from episode: latenight

Space Ghost: (Something harmonica boy said; i know there's a joke in there somewhere. If only I could reformulate it, and throw it back to him. Hmmmm...)

8:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the joke, the UAW! They came in after our original union went bankrupt and added us to their roles to make their union look better, and, or course, to take our money. They do nothing for us.

5:22 pm  

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